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Bianchi Coating Thailand - How to establish a fully-operative industrial manufacturing firm in Thailand within six months


Established back in 1955, our Client is a European medium-sized company operating in the field of Industrial painting. Across more than five decades of operations, Bianchi Verniciature has become a reliable and trusted supplier for several leading automotive firms.



In 2014, our Client realized it was key to expand its business abroad, in South-East Asia particularly. Bianchi Verniciature got in touch with our Bangkok office in January 2015, showing us its wiliness to start operating in the Kingdom of Thailand with a new industrial facility.



After preliminary meetings and analysis, we proposed to Bianchi Verniciature the following strategy:

  • Market analysis and data collection, to understand competitive environment, OEMs’ and first-tier suppliers’ needs, customers’ behavior, etc.

  • An in-depth detailed feasibility study to set up an industrial facility in Thailand 

  • A comprehensive and specific business plan, including as well market entry strategy, marketing plan, and financial plan.

Convinced by the results of our studies and plans, Bianchi Verniciature decided to make inroads into Thai market.

Consequently, we advised the Client on the best options with regard to:

  • Company formation 

  • Research of the best location for the production facility 

  • Government incentives

  • BOI (Board of Investment) application 

  • Most favorable tax structure

  • Business licenses 

  • Government authorization and permit for operating a company

  • Machinery and equipment import from Italy

  • Equipment shipment

  • Duties compliance

  • Personnel recruitment and on-site training


After our Client decided to invest in the establishment of its Thai subsidiary, we have carried out and implemented the strategy described above.

Step by step, thanks to our committed team, Bianchi Coating Thailand was created. 

On 1st July 2015, the new factory of Bianchi Coating Thailand started its production operations. This happened exactly six months after the first meeting with our Client. 

ADVISINGASIA has been able to provide a “turn key” factory within six months.

Following the startup of business operations, with our team we have also offered to be in charge of Marketing, Sales and Promotion activities for Bianchi Coating Thailand.

Since 2015, we have been successfully managing all the commercial activities of Bianchi Coating Thailand, dealing with leading Thai first-tier suppliers, like Thai Summit Group.

In order to secure new corporate clients in a short time, through our expertise we have supported daily operations to make them compliant with ISO standards.

Hence, in July 2016 Bianchi Coating Thailand has been certified ISO9001 by TUV Thailand.

Consequently, we have expanded Bianchi Coating Thailand solutions to a whole new range of OEMs, including Ducati, JVC, General Motors, Mitsubishi

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