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We at ADVISINGASIA help Western and Asian SMEs go international and export their products/services in the markets of Far-East, India, and Europe. 

We know that your goal is to expand your own business abroad, but you have faced tremendous challenges every time you moved overseas – high investments both in terms of money and time, lack of knowledge about local environment, troublesome relationships with local partners, language barrier, cultural adjustment, paper work and administrative activities, etc..

 We are here to help you overcome all these challenges. Our aim is to offer you our expertise, our business network, our management and legal experience in what we do best – internationalization and delocalization.

You essentially hire for your business our expertise in sales development, outsourcing to trusted consultants your export, delocalization, and investment strategy.  What is more, we do this at a much lower price compared to any internal project you can set for your internationalization. Indeed, our help is based on clear, fully-furnished monthly fees, exactly like a subscription. 

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