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A hands-on business course, tailor made for Thai University students and created by expat managers in Asia, with more than 20 years of experience combined.

Our course will foster the practical development of all necessary skills required to be hired and work properly with a leading international company.

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The course will enhance students’ general skills referred to an international context, foster students’ proactivity, minimize intercultural barriers, increase students’ interaction in foreign and multi-cultural environments, improve chance to be employed by multinational companies, teach how to work and interact with expats personnel. All the business cases proposed, are intended to recreate multinational company working environment, enabling the students to “learn by doing”.

OUR SOLUTION. We Empower Thai Students With the Right Skills and Expertise for The World of Tomorrow!

Based on our management experience, the aims of #BuildYourFuture are the following:


Thai students’ management skills in international & tech firms.


Thai students’ management skills in international & tech firms.


Thai students’ management skills in international & tech firms.


Thai students’ and young professionals proactivity.

Intercultural barriers between Thailand and overseas countries.

Thai  students’ interaction in foreign and multi-cultural environments.

The chance for Thai students to be hired by multinational companies.

How to work in team with expats.

OUR SOLUTION. The Content of #BuildYourFuture

The course shall be divided in different modules of maximum 3 hours each, for a total of 30 hours. We will provide a real time translator from English to Thai, plus handbook and material in Thai.  

Maximum flexibility on timing.

One field trip to visit a multinational firm.

Original Harvard Business School cases!

Team work and presentation skills.

Use of social platforms, like LinkedIn.

Hands-on and practical approach!

Coaching to build your CV and cover letter.

Lessons by managers with work experience.

Western style mock interviews one-by-one.

Business connections and networking.

OUR SOLUTION. The Timetable of #BuildYourFuture

Depending on students’ needs and preferences, we can offer four different course schedules, in a location very accessible from BTS. 


  • 3 hours on Saturday (morning or afternoon)

  • 10 consecutive weeks in total


  • 2 hours per weekday (morning or evening)

  • 2 weekdays per week 

  • 7 consecutive weeks in total


  • 3 hours on Saturday (morning or afternoon)

  • 3 hours on Sunday (morning or afternoon)

  • 5 consecutive weeks in total


  • 5 hours per day

  • From Monday to Saturday

  • 6 consecutive days in total

How to work in an international firm or overseas?

How to expand your family business abroad? 

How to get your dream job?

How to fulfill your expectations?

How to build your career?

  • We want to fill a gap in Thai education and labour market …

  • We want to help Thai students and young professionals be ready for tomorrow's opportunities and succeed in their life …

  • Most important, we want to give back to Thailand.

Why do we feel that this is the right moment for this project? 

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