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Xcellent Lighting - A new holistic corporate strategy for an Asian design furnishing manufacturer


Our Client, Xcellent Lighting, is a medium-sized manufacturing company based in Thailand, where it has both corporate offices and a production plant. The Client is part of a larger Taiwanese industrial group.

Among its business activities, our Client is designing in-house and the producing decorative lamps equipped with LED bulbs. The peculiarity of these lamps is that are made of an acrylic blade, which allows a high level of personalization, according to the preferences of Xcellent Lighting customers.

Xcellent Lighting is well established in Taiwan, China, and Thailand, where it benefits from its own sales network. However, our Client’s aim was to diversify the dependency on its main market, and to expand its business activities by going international.

Accordingly, ADVISINGASIA designed the most suitable corporate strategy, identifying promising overseas markets to enter first, as well as assessing the competitive environment and the successful way for entering such target markets.

After defining this long-term strategy, ADVISINGASIA helped Xcellent Lighting build from the very beginning a sales network both in Middle East and in the European Union. We got in touch with potential agents and distributors and participated to some world-class lighting and interior design exhibitions as well.



Our Client decided to completely review its commercial strategy with regard to both local and foreign markets.

Having a very good level of craftmanship and quality control, our Client was ready to boost its presence on the local and export markets.

The challenge for ADVISINGASIA was to establish a new network of dealers and distributors in main GCC (Gulf) nations and selected European countries, where Xcellent new product lines would have been most suitable.



After preliminary meetings and analysis, we proposed our Client the following strategy:

  • Market analysis and data collection, to understand competitive environment, market potential, foreign customers’ behavior and preferences, etc.

  • An in-depth detailed feasibility study, to shortlist suitable dealers and distributors in each and every chosen country.

  • A specific business plan, including as well market entry strategy, marketing plan, and financial plan.

Convinced by the results of our studies and plans, our Client decided to start its export operations towards some selected GCC and European countries.


The first step was to completely change the Client’s corporate identity, in order to modernize the logo and consequently the brand awareness that goes with it.

We designed a new logo with two colors, thus enhancing brand identity and family feeling.

We completely modify the website, proposing a more Western oriented design and a multi-language relevant content.

We prepared multi-language brochures and ready-to-use promo kit, to be spread across during fairs and exhibitions around the world.

We designed a new concept of booth stand, easy to dismantle and easy to pack for shipping purpose.

Our execution followed some consequential stages.

First Step

We decided to start marketing the products within GCC countries.

Light Middle East Dubai Exhibition in October 2015 was chosen as first venue for the commercialization of our new line of products.

During the exhibition, we also finalized several contacts with potential dealers and importers in the region.


Second Step

We decided to start our marketing activities in Europe, focusing first on Italy, Germany, France and Spain

From our state-of-art database, we shortlisted database a consistent number of potential contacts and we prepared a dedicated mailing to be followed by personal phone calls.

We planned our Client’s participation (first time for them in Europe) to a first-tier leading lighting exhibition in Frankfurt (Germany), Light + Building.

To accomplish these tasks, we used our European staff and our manager, based in Italy who acted as full time District Manager on our Client’s behalf.

In only six months we successfully establish a dealers and distribution network, able to deliver Xcellent products to the new European and GCC markets.


Our Result

After six months of continuous and tailored assistance, our Client was able to continue the market penetration and promotion on its own, with important sales results especially in European countries

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