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Zeca s.p.a. - How to establish and develop a new sales and distribution network in South-East Asia


Our Client, Zeca s.p.a., is a European medium-sized enterprise, operating in the field of automotive accessories and garage equipment. Founded approximately 60 years ago as manufacturer of accessories and spare parts for motor vehicles, in the Seventies Zeca s.p.a. launched its signature product “Rotozeca”, an automatic spring winder featuring an incandescent lamp holder.

Today Zeca counts roughly 20 different categories of winders, for a total of 2,500 different models, and it operates in over 30 countries worldwide.



Our Client has recently opened a manufacturing plant in China and established a dealers’ network in some East Asian countries (including Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Malaysia). 

Nevertheless, it came up to be extremely hard for them to manage their Asian operations. At the end, Zeca s.p.a. management realized that growing the business from Europe was almost impossible.

Zeca s.p.a. was not able to overcome the challenge of constantly following and training each and every dealer’s salesperson. This implied an ineffective sales strategy for Zeca s.p.a. in South-East Asia.

Another reason why Zeca s.p.a. poorly performed before appointing AdvisingAsia was that most dealers were representing a huge variety of brands, with little or none coordination towards sales goals and brand consistency.



Since 2014, AdvisingAsia has taken over the management of the sales & distribution network of Zeca s.p.a. in all ASEAN nations.

With a dedicated District Manager for Zeca s.p.a., we have focused and redirected local dealer’s sales efforts. 

With our constant presence on the field, we have delivered as well value-added and experienced support to any dealer, reaffirming the principal’s commitment in these markets and preserving its brand identity.

From our headquarters in Bangkok, we have been managing every dealer and distributor, utilizing our own personnel, who is constantly travelling ad visiting customers on behalf of our Client.


In these years, we have been monitoring and improving the performance of existing dealers and distributors. 

On top, we have made also some turning-point decisions.

For instance, we terminated the collaboration with non-performing dealers and distributors. On the other hand, we established new dealerships and selected outstanding new distributors in various countries, enhancing sales and improving Zeca s.p.a. brand awareness and consistency.

Briefly, we have been working as Commercial and Representative Office in South-East Asia for our Client, with clear and consistent benefits and cost savings.

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