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ADVISINGASIA helps beverage, dairy, confectionery, bakery, nutritional supplements, processed food and food service firms expand their operations across Asia or Europe.

We equip our Clients with in-depth market insights to win new niches, regulatory expertise to comply with local FDA requirements, business knowledge to localize their production sites in the ASEAN area.

For the F&B industry, Asia has become the most appealing market, since its consumption has been on the rise over the latest years.

Globalization has contributed to increase the consumption of Western alike food, confectionery, bakery, and wine all across East Asia.

The first factor that has influenced Western F&B products consumption in Asia is the global economic integration, implemented through several free trade agreements. They have facilitated importing and exporting processes, enabling different countries to trade goods with each other, at lower duties or tariffs. Consequently, F&B products imported from Europe and America have been sold at more affordable prices.

Another factor which helped Western food become more popular is the rapid economic growth faced by Asia. It has led to an increase in family income and allowed many people to travel and study abroad. Being exposed to Western foodie culture and latest trends (organic food, vegetarianism, etc.), Asian consumers have increasingly become more willing to try new culinary experiences. Further, the economic growth faced by Asian countries has pushed consumers to increase their F&B expenditures, thus improving their health and life standard.

The third factor contributing to Western food consumption is the development of global media and free access to the Internet. Particularly, younger generations get used to gather all the needed information about food and wine on the Internet, thus choosing fashionable imported products over local food.

What ADVISINGASIA can do for you

F&B - Can do

ADVISINGASIA supports F&B producers and traders develop their brand awareness in Asia, comply with local FDA requirements and regulations, and establish their sales and production operations across South-East Asia. We assist also Asian companies in the other way around – having access to sophisticated and highly regulated European markets.

However, there are not only business opportunities lying in Asian markets. Many threats to foreign food entrepreneurs come from Asian local competitors. A significant number of local producers have already gained large market shares in their country of origin, namely in China.

The old strategy of exporting food, wine, additives and delicacies from EU to Asian markets has proved to be now ineffective and underperforming.

It was the right strategy in the Nineties, but currently a whole new set of business decisions is required. Successful F&B firms have started penetrating Asian markets by establishing their production facilities locally.

Not only. Foreign F&B entrepreneurs willing to sell their products in Asia are facing another significant challenge – many local customers lack of education about Western F&B goods.

For many Asian consumers, brand comes before quality of products, country of origin, ingredients, etc. That’s why brand awareness and local promotion of foreign brands are the keys to succeed in competitive Asian markets.​

Within this challenging scenario, ADVISINGASIA offers its tailored solutions:

  • Make our Clients export their products in Asian markets, literally eager to taste new foodie experiences – from wine and dairy products to bakery and additives, there are so many players in such fields that can easily find new rooms for growth in Asia

  • Establish manufacturing facilities in Asia, thus localizing Western expertise related to beverage, dairy, confectionery, bakery, nutritional supplements, processed food and food service.  

ADVISINGASIA Solutions at a Glance

F&B - Solutions

We offer tailored services that create value and new untapped opportunities for our Clients:


F&B - Business Cases

How to invest in ASEAN markets and establish a new sales and distribution network

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