Managing Human Resources in Asia – How to Align Your Staff to Your Business Strategy

1. Once Upon a Time … When Selection Is Just The Beginning of The Tale

1.1. The recruitment process has a long way to go before reaching the desired outcome. It leads employers and candidates towards a stressful and time-consuming path, where both are actively looking for the right fit.

The candidate tries his/her best to impress his/her prospective employer. On the other hand, for HR managers, identifying applicants’ real value and attitude is their top concern.

Well, it’s all true – we have indeed spared some of our time highlighting a handful of successful strategies to select the right people in Asia.

However, we believe that the selection is only one of the processes to consider, in Asia as well as in Europe. Maybe the most appealing – who has forgotten his first interview straight after the university?

Yet, it’s neither the key priority for a company, nor the worse challenge for a candidate.